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Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to keep the windows up after installation?

A period of 48hrs is recommended, during that time the window film needs to adhere and cure to the glass. Winding the window down can peel your freshly applied film.

What does the "Darkest Legal" mean?

Window tint is defined by the percentage of Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) 35% VLT is the darkest legal shade of film, therefore it keeps 65% of the light out. It is the darkest you can go legally in QLD.

What warranties do you offer for vehicles?

QTC offer a Australia Wide Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty on all our films. This means if you ever move away, rest assured you are still covered.

How do you trim top edges of windows?

QTC custom cut the top edges, giving you a perfect seamless edge. QTC under no circumstances file top edge windows.

Can you tint rear screens in one piece?

We sure can, QTC have over 15 years experience and have the capabilities to mold and shrink rear screen in one piece.

How long does it take to tint a vehicle?

Roughly takes 2-3 hours depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle.

My windows have antennas in the glass, is it still possible to tint?

It sure is, as well as offering a metallised range, QTC offer a range of Carbon films that won't interfere with any radio frequency signals, including GPS.

My car has Privacy glass, can you still tint it?

Yes we can. These days most cars come out with shaded glass in the rear section. The coloured glass is just that, coloured glass. It does not block any UV-a or UV-b rays and you still can get sun damage. QTC offer very light to clear VLT films that will block harmful rays to suit your vehicles privacy glass.

Does the tint go on the outside or inside? 

Window film is always applied to the interior of the glass.

Do you have Gift Vouchers?

QTC do offer gift vouchers, we can also customise your voucher to suit any occasion.

What notice is required for a booking?

Generally 2-3 days in advance and QTC can squeeze you in.

What can I clean my windows with?

A soft damp cloth or chamois is recommended with methylated spirits. Under no circumstances use abrasive cloths, brushes or powder on the film. Do not use ammonia based cleaning products, ie Windex

Have a question that needs to be answered?

Please give us a call and we will take the time to answer any queries you have.

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